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Hoofbeats at Haddo

16 May 2014

It’s been a very horsey week here at Haddo with two equestrian events in the park in four days.

On Sunday we had a visit from the Grampian branch of the Fell Pony Society. Fell Ponies are a traditional old breed of pack and riding pony- almost northern England’s equivalent of the Highland. Like lots of native pony breeds they’re becoming quite scarce so it’s great to see some of them out and about. If you’re interested, you can find out more about Fell Ponies at the Fell Pony Society website.

On Wednesday evening the park and the estate hosted the annual carriage drive for local members of the British Driving Society. The drive took a route through the park and estate, including through the newly restored Golden Gates. It’s lovely to see traditional horse and carriages coming through the park and past the house, almost exactly (though probably without the reflective harness straps!) as they would have done when the park was first designed.

There are more pictures of both events on our Facebook page.

Horses and riders are welcome at Haddo, although you do need a horse-riding permit and there are a few times (busy weekend/holiday afternoons and during some events) when horses aren’t allowed in the park. For more information get in touch and we can send you an application form.