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Monumental Improvements

9 May 2014

There’s been a couple of new additions to the park this week, some of the last bits of the major works for the project.

Firstly, the fencing on the path to the newly restored Waterloo Monument was finished off by the estate workers early this week and you can now walk right up to the base of the monument itself. The monument has been cleaned and stabilised, rather than returned to how it looked when new, so the faces aren’t flawlessly smooth but the whole thing is incredibly impressive, and the black iron railings really set it off.

Slightly less dramatic than the monument, but there’s a now a new map board next to the shelter at the far end of the lake. We’ve still got a few more small signs to put in- directing people to the squirrel hide, the bird hides and the Sense Scotland sculpture and possibly the playground- but we’ll work out how many we need and then get them ordered and installed all at the same time.