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High Summer and High Wires!

17 Jul 2014

The summer holidays are now well under way and Haddo seems to be getting busier every day. The majority of our visitors are heading straight down to the adventure playground, which seems to be the most popular picnic spot in Aberdeenshire at the moment!

A Summer Rescue

Every evar a few pair of Swallows build nests of mud and grass under the eaves of the Pheasantry. Unfortunately in dry, sunny weather the nests can get very brittle and sometimes crack off the walls and end up on the ground. One (empty) nest fell off early in the season and is now on display in the visitor centre. A second nest fell off just a few weeks ago, with a very small chick still inside it. Thankfully our concil maintenance staff were in that day and with a bit of quick thinking, they made a wire cradle for the nest and reattached it to the wall. 

Thanks to them the chick has survived and thrived, and is now almost ready to leave the nest and start flying on its own. You can see the nest over the entrance to the ladies toilets, although don't hang around too long as you don't want to stop the parents coming back with food for the young one.

There are stil new broods of ducklings hatching out, including our first little group of 6 Tufted Ducks on the far end of the lake. Please do remember to keep your dogs on a lead or at heel around the lake until at least the end of June to give our ducks a chance to grow up safely without being disturbed. 

Wild In The Woods...

We were fully booked for the second of our traditional bushcraft days with Willow Lohr last Friday. The group spend the day carving, crafting, making rope and weaving camping mats from rushes and string. You can see some of the rope and other items that we've made on the bushcraft courses on display int he visitor centre. We'll be running more outdoor craft sessions later in the year and Willow is back at Haddo in early Dceember for a day-long course on animal tracking. 

What's On

Another weekend of very different events- we've still got a few spaces on our guided Wildflower and butterfly walk on Saturday at 2pm. The forecast's not brilliant at the moment but the flowers will still be there even if it's a bit damp, and the meadow is looking absolutely fantastic at the moment. Email us or call the office on 01651 851041 to book. 

On Sunday pianist Immanuel Voight will be performing the world premiere of his own Sonata no 1, along with pieces by Scarlatti, Mozart, Chopin and Liszt. You can book tickets via the National Trust for Scotland

A quick note if you're visiting Haddo this summer and want to go on a guided tour of the house- the house is closed on a few days this summer (including some Saturdays) for weddings and other events. It's always worth checking tour times on the National Trust for Scotland website if you're making a special trip. 

Lost Property

We're getting quite a collection of coats, hats, sunglasses and gloves in the office, mostly I suspect belonging to children who've been a bit too distracted by the adventure playground to remember where they put their stuff... If you're missing a jacket then stop by the office next time you're passing and see if it's been handed in.