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Music, Mushrooms and Musketeers

23 Sep 2014

History was bought to life with a bang this weekend at our wonderful Living History Camp and military display. 

Over two days, Sir Arthur Erskine's Regiment of Foot led musket, sword and pike displays, demonstrated musket-ball casting and showed off some authentic 17th century medicine and traditional cooking. The Pheasantry lawn was the perfect setting for the camp, and there was a stream of visitors watching the displays, exploring the camp and even taking part in a few pike drills! 

Huge thanks to the re-enactors from Erskine's Regiment for all their hard work and endless enthusiasm over the weekend, and we hope they'll be back at Haddo again in the future... 

Magical Mushrooms

If you're walking round the Haddo House Gardens in the next few weeks you might see some strange people (one of them probably me) crawling about on their hands and knees in the grass. 

We're most likely looking for waxcaps- beautiful, many-coloured mushrooms which grow in old, uncultivated grasslands, like the Haddo lawns. There's a whole range of species, from greeny-purple Parrot Waxcaps to delicate Pink Ballerinas and the self-explanatory Scarlet Waxcaps. They're scattered all over the terrace gardens and Bell lawn, and well worth the odd looks you get while hunting them out!

As well as the waxcaps we're got heaps of other fungi and mushrooms springing up at the moment, and on Sunday we're hosting a Fungi Foray, led by the Grampian Fungus Group so find and identify as much as we can. The Fungi Foray is open to the public, and runs from 10.30am-3pm. We'll meet at the Visitor Centre and then be based at the Pheasantry for the rest of the day, you can come for the whole day or join us for a couple of hours. Just bring a bag or basket to collect your fungi (we can lend you collecting trays as well) and be ready to explore! 

Haddo Arts Festival 2014

A week today we'll be preparing for the opening concert of Shades- the 2014 Haddo Arts Festival. The festival runs from the 3rd-12th October, with different events every evening. There's classical concerts and recitals, a jazz veneing with Alison Burns and Trio Red, a comedy night with Lee Hurst and Scottish Opera's spectacular touring production of Macbeth. 

During the week there'll also be an exhibition of Collieston artist Paul Ritchie's beautiful paintings of Scotland in the Peatyards, photography by Sally McPherson and a very exciting sound installation in the Pheasantry bringing a bit of art into the park!

You can find out all the details on the Haddo Arts Festival website or you can pick up a free programme from the Visitor Centre or the NTS Shop.