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Slow Down For Squirrels

16 Oct 2014

We're well into autumn at Haddo now, the leaves are falling off the trees, and there are lots of fearless red squirrels running everywhere collecting beechmast and nuts for their winter food caches. 

Search For A Squirrel

There's a really good chance of seeing squirrels around the park at the moment- they can turn up anywhere, but the squirrel hide and the woods behind the adventure playground seem to be the best places to find them. If you want to find out more about our Red Squirrels (and hopefully see a few for yourself) then why not come along to our Search for a Squirrel event on Saturday 18th- meet at the Visitor Centre at 9.30am.

Sadly, this fearlessness also means that our squirrels tend to stop looking out for passing cars, as well as people, and we've had another three squirrels run over on the entrance road in the past two weeks, meaning there's now been 11 red squirrels killed by cars in a year.

If you're driving to Haddo in the next few weeks (especially in the dark), please remember to stick to the 15mph speed limit, and be aware of anything dashing out into the road. As well as potentially killing our wildlife, hitting a deer, pheasant or badger can cause serious and expensive damage to your car so better to be safe than sorry....

What A Good Dog!

This weekend we also have another of our free dog training classes- helping you and your dog to be safe when you're out and about. This week the class is led by Malibears K9 training and will start in the Dog Park at 2pm on Saturday. We'll hopefully have more classes in November, so if you can't make tomorrow then keep an eye on our events calendar and we'll add the dates as soon as they're confirmed. 

Wayward Wildlife

With the strong winds and bad weather we've had recently, we're on the lookout for any unusual autumn wildlife that might appear over the next few weeks. Lots of birds are migrating at the time of year, and occasionally some birds get blown off course and end up in bits of the country where they're not usually seen. 

So far we've not stumbled across anything very rare at Haddo but we've had a few unexpected sightings, like this Wigeon which was on the lake on Monday. We've not officially recorded a Wigeon at Haddo for a few years so it's a very exciting addition to the 'year list'! We've also had flocks of Siskin, Redpoll and Goldcrest in the Craigie Wood and there's lot of newly arrived Robins and Blackbirds staking out new territories across the park.

If you see anything unusual when you're out and about then let us know- if you're not sure what something is then you can always send us a photo or share it on our Facebook and we'll do our best to identify it for you.