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Seasons and the Sun

13 Nov 2014

It might have felt almost like summer last weekend, but now we're wrapping up warm and looking forward to Christmas here at Haddo.

Last Sunday in particular was a beautiful day and I took the chance to walk round the whole of the park, including all the way up to the deer statues at the top of the Scots Mile. The wind has taken most of the leaves off the trees now, but there was still a fair show of rusty gold beech leaves down the sides of the path. The Alder and conifer cones are providing a good meal for the flocks of Siskin, Goldfinch, Redpoll and Greenfinch that have arrived over the past few weeks and are refuelling after a long migration from the continent.

There are still somehere between thirty and fifty Redwings in the park as well, mostly taking advantage of the mud in the overflow car park to find worms and have a refreshing bath in the deeper puddles...

Kids at Christmas

A couple of events for the weekend. On Saturday we're running a fun Kids' Christmas Bushcraft session, collecting natural materials and (with the aid of a bit of sparkle, glue and paint) turning them into fantastic Christmas decorations. It's suitable for all ages with easy crafts for younger children and some more complicated projects for older kids. We'll be based at the Pheasantry and you can drop in any time between 11am and 2.30pm. The session costs £2 per child (to make one large or two small decorations).

On Sunday I'll be leading a winter wildlife wander around the park, looking for ducks geese grebes and other bits and pieces on the lake (we'll keep an eye out for Red Squirrels as well). It's a great way to get started learning to identify some of the birds we regularly see at Haddo. The walk starts at 2pm so we can watch the geese come into roost as the sun sets, and costs £5 per person, booking is essential for the walk and you can put your name down by dropping us an email at haddo@visithaddo.com or call 01651 851041 and leave a message.