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Stone Cold Roses...

4 Dec 2014

With all due apologies to the BBC for stealing their headline!

I'm sure those of you who've been reading the blog for a while will remember the gorgeous icy 'frost flowers' we found in the park this time last year. This forms on wet wood after a frost, where water gets forced through the pores in the wood and then freezes, leaving the hair-thin strands of ice which make these incredible flower shapes.

The heavy frost we've had over the past few days had proved the ideal conditions for frost flowers to form, especially in the woods around the squirrel hide. The pictures I posted on Twitter on Wednesday seemed to catch the imagination of everyone who saw them, and even ended up on the BBC news website!

You can see the photos on the BBC Website here. If you want to try and find frost flowers then a dry, frosty morning after a few days rain will give you the best chance- maybe on our bushcraft day next Saturday morning...

Winter Bushcraft

One way to find some frost flowers (and lots of other fascinating wild things) is to join us on our Winter Bushcraft Day next Saturday.

Bushcraft Leader Willow Lohr will be back at Haddo and will be showing us how to look for the tracks and signs of our local wildlife. We'll be looking for footprints and feeding signs and learning how recognise the tracks of lots of different animals and birds.

There'll be some exercises to test your new skills, and you'll be able to practise by hunting for tracks out in the park. The day starts at 9.30am (so we can get out before the ground is too disturbed and any signs disappear) and will run until mid-afternoon. It costs £25 for adults and £10 for under 16s (not recommended for young children).

Places are very limited so booking is essential- either call us on 01652 851041 or email haddo@visithaddo.com to reserve your place.

Carols For Christmas

If you haven't got your tickets for one of our Haddo Carol Services yet, then don't waste any more time. The NTS Members Concert on Saturday is already sold out, as are both of the 4pm performances from HHCOS on Sunday 14th and Saturday 20th.

There are still some tickets left for the 2pm performances on both of those days and you can get yours at the HHCOS online box office by clicking here.