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April Showers

30 Apr 2015

...along with April snow, April hail and even a little bit of April sun!

It's fair to say it's been quite a mixed week here at Haddo. On Sunday we had an afternoon of freezing temperatures and some of the heaviest showfall we've had all year.

On Monday by contrast, the sun was shining, there was blue sky and the park was full of singing warblers and other birds just returned from their wintering grounds further south. Craigie Wood had at least six Willow Warblers, there was a flock of Blackcaps in the willows by the Lakeshore Hide and our first Sedge Warbler was rattling away in the reeds at the far end of the lake.

The Swallows, Sand Martins and House Martins have returned to Haddo too, and it was quite a surreal experience to be standing in two inches of snow watching them dashing about hunting insects over the lake...

Red Squirrels have been out and about a fair bit this week as well, and we've seen them every day so far- around the squirrel feeders, by the lake and in the trees behind the Pheasantry. Many of them should have their first litter of young kits by now so if you're lucky at the weekend you might catch a brief glimpse of a baby squirrel!

Energetica Summer Festival Events

This year we'll be taking part once again in the Energetica Summer Festival. This year's Festival runs right through the summer, instead of just over one weekend, and there's an even bigger range of walks, cycle rides, tours and activities. 

We're hosting a series of photography workshops and bat walks here at Haddo, we're also leading a couple of walks away from Haddo- to look for Puffins and other seabirds at Bullers of Buchan near Peterhead.

You can find all of the Energetica events on their new webstite at www.energetica.uk.com/festival2015/ and all of our events here.