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Out With The Old

28 May 2015

We had a very busy day of spring cleaning on Wednesday with a great group of volunteers from the Bank of Scotland.

The volunteers came in for the day to help us clean out the big room in the Pheasantry. We're hoping to redevelop the room into a space we can use for exhibitions, events, talks, workshops and for visiting schools to have their lunch somewhere dry on a wet day.

Over the years, the Pheasantry has been used as ranger offices, a storeroom, breakroom and general dumping ground for random stuff. This mean there was a huge amount of rubbish- old files, broken bits of kit, wood and plasterboard from the chimney repairs, and worn-out bits of furniture- that needed sorting out and throwing away.

However we got stuck in and in a couple of hours had the place completely cleared out, with our volunteers proving particularly adept at breaking up the old shelving so it'd fit in the skip!

The rooms still need a bit of attention and a touch of redecoration but it'll be fantastic to have this huge, dry, space to use for our summer events.

Thanks also to Jim & Audrey our maintenance staff and the plasterers from CHAP for helping out with the bits that were otherwise too large for us to move (and showing us the secret technique for opening the top of the skip...).

The Peanut Thief...

We had a great visit on Saturday by the Fraserburgh and District Wildlife Explorers, who had come to visit the squirrel hide and hopefully see a few Red Squirrels. The park was quite busy and there were a lot of people about but we did get good views of one squirrel in the woods by the adventure playground.

At the squirrel hide we found that at least one of our feeding boxes had been broken into. A female Great Spotted Woodpecker has discovered the peanuts in the feeders and had pecked clean through the side to get at them. Earlier this week I managed to photograph a woodpecker at one of the boxes, this time it had pecked a crack in the perspex front then used its beak to lever the perspex out of the way and get at the food inside.

Just to prove it isn't only woodpeckers at the squirrel hide at the moment, we put our trail camera on the front of the hide earlier in the week and filmed several squirrels visiting the site every day.

Haddo Voices

A quick reminder that if you're looking for something to do tonight, it's the Haddo Voices Summer Concert in the Canadian Hall. The two Haddo Children's Voices (for P1-P5) and Haddo Girls & Boys Voices (for P6-S6) will be showcasing the songs and solos they've been working on over the past year.

You can find all the concert details on our events page and if you're interested in joining any of our young choirs then you can find all their contact details by clicking here.