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Spot The Ball...

7 May 2015

We're watching out for nesting birds at Haddo this week, and they're not always that easy to spot.

Some of our birds, like the Wren above, hide their nests by tucking them away in dark corners. This one was busy nest-building in the roof beams of the Lakeshore Hide. It was happily coming in and out with people in the hide, although it's a bit wary if anyone sits directly under the nest so if you do pop into the hide don't hang around for too long to give it a chance to get back to its eggs.

Some of our ground-nesting birds hide their nests through camouflage, and some of the best at it are the Oystercatchers who are currently nesting on the drive in front of Haddo House, and in the terrace gardens.

Oystercatchers are notorious for nesting in open, gravelly spaces like our driveways, as well as car parks, school playgrounds, the roof of Aberdeen University and the AECC, and even window boxes. As you can see from the picture above the eggs can be almost impossible to see  if the birds aren't sitting on them so please take care where you put your feet if you're walking round the house and keep an eye on kids and dogs as well, both of whom can easily run through a nest without even noticing they've done it.

If all goes well and the nest isn't disturbed, then we should be posting a few pictures of lovely little Oystercatcher chicks like this one from last year.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Our three wildlife photography workshops in June are now all sold out. If there's enough demand, we'll be able to run a second daytime Wildlife at Haddo workshop on Sunday 14th from 10am-1pm so if you're interested in that then drop us a call/email and we'll let you know when we have enough people booked for the workshop to go ahead.

If you were  hoping to join the Seabirds workshop then remember we're running two seabird-watching walks at Bullers of Buchan on Sat 6th June and Sat 13th June. We can't promise we can help you with your camera settings but we should be able to find plenty of Puffins and get you to a few good vantage points to take your own pictures of them.

We're also hoping to run a second night-time photography workshop in October (hopefully with a couple of extra surprises on the night...). Keep an eye on this blog as well as our Facebook page and we'll post details as soon as they're finalised.

Dancing The Night Away

Don't forget it's the Ythan Fiddlers Rally at Haddo this Saturday evening. It'll be a fantastic night of traditional Scottish music, with musicians and featuring Graham MacKenzie from Inverness.

You can buy tickets from JK Shoe Shop in Ellon or call 01651 851721 or 01358 720598