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Haddo Babies

6 Aug 2015

There's a very special couple of days coming up this weekend as we celebrate the 70th anniversary renuion of the the Haddo Babies.

Part of Haddo House operated as a maternity hospital during World War II - 1259 children were born there during that period. Many were born to local Aberdeenshire women, but a significant number of evacuees from Glasgow and even as far afield as London gave birth there. 

This weekend we're holding two days of events celebrating the history of the Haddo Babies and getting together Haddo Babies and their families for a grand reunion. 

On Saturday 8 August, there will be a talk for visitors telling the story of Haddo’s stint as a maternity hospital followed by a short tour of some of the rooms associated with the Haddo babies. The talks are at 11.30am, 1.30 and 3.30pm. Then on Sunday 9 August, there’s a family day celebration especially for anyone born at Haddo House, and their families. 

Anyone born at Haddo between 1939 and 1945 gets in free on Sunday 9 August. If you or a member of your family was a Haddo Baby and you'd like some more information about Haddo Maternity Hospital (or if you have photos, stories or anecdotes about the Haddo Babies) then please contact jlemon@nts.org.uk. 

If you'd like to book on any of this weekend's tours then you can book online at www.nts.org.uk or call the house on 0844 493 2179. 

Two Days of Summer

After what seems like an endless year of damp, rain and drizzle, we've actually had a few gorgeous sunny summer days this week- and it's forecast to stay dry for the last week of the holidays as well. 

The sun means that we've started seeing lots of butterflies in the flower meadow again, found a couple of cream spotted ladybirds around the lake, and the Doolies are full of grasshoppers churring in the longer grass- hard to see but if you listen very carefully and follow the sound you might be able to catch a glimpse of them before they jump away! We had an extra treat on Saturday as well as this lovely Osprey with a massive fish in its talons cruised over the lake. 

The park, gardens and playground are open all day every day- we can get quite busy on sunny days at the moment (especially early Sunday afternoons) so why not think about coming over in the morning or even in the evening after dinner if you don't want to wait for a parking space.