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Transformations in the Park

20 Aug 2015

As summer progresses there are transformations in the sights you will see around the park.  

The transformations you will see in the park are subtle but anyone who keeps their eyes open will notice a few things going on.  Despite the very changeable weather volunteers have continued to work really hard to transform the overgrown wildlife garden into an Art in Nature space where art will merge with nature to provide an area of interest for adults and children alike.

From a tangle of vegetation that had covered the paths, a way through is emerging whilst other areas have been cleared for some new benches that one of our volunteers, Ian, is kindly making from recycled wood.  

Other volunteers have been using their creative skills to add features to the garden using materials we have found or been given.  All this is enhancing the interest value of the area and will be a pleasure to discover.


To showcase the new Art in Nature Garden we are holding an Open Day on Sunday 23 August from 1100h to 1500h, with demonstrations by environmental artist Jemima Chillingworth.  It is an opportunity to see how you can use recycled materials - plastic, wood, metal - to transform an outdoor space.  At the same time you can sign up for Recycled Craft Workshops being held on September 5 and 12.


As summer progresses you may notice a few different species in the park.  Recently we have received sightings of goosanders near the lake - a red beaked water bird that dives for small fish in the lake emerging after a few seconds to glide elegantly across the surface of the water.  A Painted Lady butterfly has also been observed in the meadows by the lake.  This beautiful butterfly originates from Africa but can be found as far north as Orkney, Shetland and occasionally Iceland.  It's favourite food is the thistle. 


The Camphill Foundation's exhibition in the Peatyards continues until the 29 August, open daily from 1100-1700h and admission is free.  If you are visiting the park do go along to see the wonderful tapestries and applique work which is on display.