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Creativity and Legend

3 Sep 2015

Creativity flourishes at Haddo with art, poetry and musical activities while visitors to the park will notice seasonal changes in the different flowers, trees and birdlife. One flower has a strange legend behind it's name...

Poetry and Music evening

Friday 4 September is the first Poetry and Music evening at Haddo.  A short walk around the park is followed by music and poetry in the Peatyards - all inspired by nature. See Events for more details.

Haddo Volunteers

Our volunteers have continued this week with their good work, despite the rain.  Meeting on Wednesday mornings they have made progress with both gardening and art work in the wildlife garden.  But this week we say goodbye to our wonderful Italian volunteer, Simona, who has contributed so much to the restoration of the garden and creating a space for art.  Visit the garden to see the lovely flowers she has painted on the bridge over the pond reflecting flowers in the garden - knapweed, meadowsweet, willowherb and campion - in addition to some fascinating illustrations on posts around the seating area.


Each of our volunteers has added their own special touch to the garden including animals shaped from wood, handpainted bird boxes, bird feeders and a lovely new bench made from recycled wood. The cost of restoring the garden has been negligible with the exception of paint and brushes - everything else is from recycled materials.  We hope you will take the time to sit a while and watch the birds feeding and also explore the art work as you follow the paths through the garden.

Recycled Craft Days - 5 and 12 September

The Recycled Craft Days take place on the next two Saturdays - 5th and 12th September - in the wildlife garden from 11-3.30.  There is no charge but we ask for a donation of £2 for each item you take away - alternatively you can donate the item for free to the garden and bring your friends and family along to see your artistic contributions sometime in the future!

Devil's Bit Scabious - the legend

Several visitors have commented on the swathes of blueish-purple flowers in the grass meadows around the park.  The flower is called Devil's Bit Scabious.  But how did it get this strange name? There is a legend, known across all of Europe, that explains how the Devil saw this lovely flower in Paradise and was intensely jealous of its beauty.  He bit off the flower by the root hoping to destory it.  However, the flower survived and flourishes on Earth to give us pleasure and a glimpse of Paradise!  Hence the name Devil's Bit Scabious.

Lost and found in the park

It is sad to see so much property lost and left unclaimed in the park.  Every week we have items handed in which are never collected by their owners. Many toys and pieces of clothing are left in the playpark areas. If you find something please hand it in to the Visitor Centre, NTS Shop or Tearoom, or Mrs Smith's.  We keep items for several weeks.  If you have lost something please phone either 01651 851041 or 851440.  Please take good care to double check you have all your property with you before you leave.