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Creating Echoes

1 Oct 2015

It's all go this week as we get everything ready for opening night of the 2015 Haddo Arts Festival

The Festival takes the best part of a year to organise from selecting and booking the performers, sorting out hotel and travel arrangements, writing and designing the programme, planning the catering, designing flyers and advertising, training the front of house volunteers and much more. 

In the weeks before the Festival we're usually down to the more practical tasks- organising seating, getting the piano tuned, laminating, lighting, hunting out flipchart paper- which always seem to take more time than you'd expect. 

Our two exhibitions are setting up this week as well, with John Paul Raine's paintings in the Peatyards for opening weekend and the Scottish Nature Photography Exhibition in the Pheasantry throughout October. 

You can find all the details of the Festival events on the dedicated website at haddoartsfestival.org.uk or by clicking on events at the top of the page. Some of the performances still have tickets available so why not pick something unusual and treat yourself to a night out!

We're also looking forward to events after the Festival ends. Some of the outdoor lighting will be staying for our Wildlife and Night Time Photography Workshop on the 10th and 11th and we're still taking bookings for our Search For A Squirrel walk on Wednesday 14th, as well as trying to get a head start on Halloween!

We have managed to get out and about in the park a little bit this week, making the most of the beautiful weather while it lasts. The lake is starting to look busy, with several hundred Greylag Geese using it as a roost in the mornings and evenings. We've gained a couple of extra Mute Swans as well, and a nice flock of anything up to a dozen Goosander. 

The Red Squirrels have finally worked out how to take food from the feeding boxes and are regularly seen round the squirrel hide. We've set a wildlife camera in the trees nearby so hopefully we'll soon has some nice film of them feeding. 

One of our survey volunteers got an extra special surprise this week as they found a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the wildflower meadow by the lake. These big, furry moths are seen as little as once or twice a year in the North East and we've never had a record of one at Haddo before. 

As always, if you spot anything interesting when you're out and about do let us know. You can call, email or just add your sightings to the board in the visitor centre. 

Glass photograph by Sally McPherson