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Under Water

7 Jan 2016

Well this isn't quite the way we were hoping to bring in the New Year here at Haddo...

We've been luckier than a lot of people over the past week or so, but the high water finally hit us last night and the park is looking quite ragged this morning. 

The main bit of damage is along the course of the Kelly Burn. The wooden bridge looks to have slightly collapsed and is blocking part of the main channel. This means that the burn is breaking its banks on either side and causing some very significant, fast flowing floods across the bridge path. Water levels by the lake are very high as well and the lakeside path is completely flooded in places.

There's also been some damage to many of the paths, including the Scots Mile, with the top dressing being washed away and leaving some fairly major holes. 

We'll get on with checking and repairing the damage as soon as we can but the Council maintenance staff have been seconded out to Ellon and Turriff, where the flooding is threatening homes and schools, and understandably repairing some park paths are probably going to be a fairly low priority. 

If you are visiting over the next couple of days (and some brave people are!) please do take extra care all around the park, don't attempt to wade through any running water and stick to the higher ground wherever possible.