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A Touch of Spring...

4 Feb 2016

It's been fairly wet and wild at Haddo this week, but at least there are a few signs that spring is somewhere near...

Surprisingly given the warm spell right the way through December and January, the Snowdrops have started to flower on almost the same date as they have in the past two years. There's not a huge display on show just yet, but plenty to find around the edges of the car park and in the trees behind the Pheasantry.

The Red Squirrels are smack in the middle of their first mating period of the year and are quite, well, frisky if you catch them at the right (or wrong) time. They're still regularly visiting the feeders at the squirrel hide in the Knockorthie Wood. At the moment they're getting seed as a break from all the winter apples, and they often end up sat right inside the boxes, stripping the hard husks from the black sunflowers before they eat the tasty middle bit. 

Roe Deer are showing up a bit more regularly too, and are especially fond of dashing across the main driveway near the Ladysteps Bridge, so worth keeping an eye on your speed and a toe on the brakes as you go round those bends...

Easter Egg Updates

As you'll know if you've been reading this blog for a while, this Easter Sunday (27th March) there'll be a car pass/ticket system in place and all cars coming in to Haddo for whatever reason will need a pre-booked car park pass to gain entry. 

We're just finishing the final tweaks to the ticketing system, but we'll make the first announcement on how and when you can get your tickets in next week's blog post. You can also keep up to date via the usual Facebook/Twitter, just do a search for Visit Haddo on FB or follow us @visithaddo on Twitter.