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Just Keep Swimming

25 Feb 2016

Some new arrivals in the visitor centre this week, and an update on Easter Sunday car parking


If you've been in the Visitor Centre over the past few weeks you've probably noticed the huge (and empty) fish tank sitting on the display table. Well, it's now home to an undetermined number of very tiny salmon alevin (the stage before they become fry), which we're going to rear in the tank until they're big enough to release into the Kelly Burn and the Ythan. 

The Salmon are part of a project run by the River Ythan Trust called Salmon In The Classroom. The project puts salmon rearing tanks in schools and other public places, like Haddo, to teach children especially about the life cycle of Salmon, the threats they face (pollution, blocking of river channels, lack of places to breed) and how to conserve the salmon stocks which we already have. The project also helps to restock rivers like the Ythan where the Salmon population is in decline. 

At the moment the little alevin are incredibly tiny but look closely for the little tails wriggling about in the gravel and see how many you can manage to find... Fingers crossed, in about six years time we might see some of them leaping back up our new fish pass to spawn in the Kelly Burn. 

Easter Sunday Car Parking

Finally, a reminder that car parking passes for Easter Sunday are available from 11am tomorrow.

To order your pass online go to ticketsource.co.uk/haddohousecountrypark and fill in your details, you can then print out your ticket directly or have it emailed to you. Alternatively if you come into the office between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday, Sunday or Monday then we can print the ticket for you.