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Secret Wildlife

8 Mar 2016

All about sneaking and hidden cameras at Haddo this week...

This is all ready for our Secret Wildlife of Aberdeenshire Day on Saturday. Throughout the day we'll be heading out to collect the cameras from their secret locations, bringing them back and seeing what we've filmed. Even we don't know what we might discover!

As well as the footage recorded over the past week, we've also got loads of pictures and videos from the past three years at Haddo - including the first ever Pine Marten filmed at Haddo. 

We've also got some signs and tracking games for kids and loads of advice on how to borrow a camera trap and start filming the wildlife in your neck of the woods...

We'll be down in the Pheasantry from 11am-3pm so drop in and say hello when you're passing by! 

British Science Week

The Secret Wildlife Event is just one of our activities for British Science Week and we'll be following it up next Saturday with a fun day of rocket building for kids. Rocketeers will be on on from 11am-2pm and you can drop in any time to make your rockets. The actual rocket building should take around 30 minutes, depending on how complicated you want your rocket to be and costs £2 per child/per rocket.

Easter Parking

All our car park passes for Easter Sunday have now sold out (not technically sold because they're free but I'm not sure how else to phrase that!). At time of posting there are still some tickets left for the NTS Cadbury Easter Egg Trail, which includes a complimentary car pass as part of your booking so that's your only option if you want to come to Haddo on Easter Sunday. 

Depending on the state of the fields we may possibly be able to release some more car park passes just before Easter so do check back if you really want to come along.