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An Unexpected Visitor

19 May 2016

News of a very exciting avian visitor to Haddo this week, a fish update and a doggy day in the country....

A little bit of exciting news from last week- we've apparently had a celebrity Osprey over the park! FK8 (named for the numbered ring on one leg) was was fitted with a tracker by Tweed Valley Ospreys in 2014 and they've been tracking her by satellite ever since. She spent last year wintering in Spain and Portugal but returned to Scotland this year. 

She was spotted on the nest camera at Loch Garten but Tweed Valley Ospreys have just released their latest satellite tracking data and it seems she spent the night of the 13th May right here at Haddo!

You can read more about FK8, and follow her entire journey on the Tweed Valley Ospreys blog at tweedvalleyospreys.com

There are local Aberdeenshire Ospreys visiting the park on a regular basis as well, it's not the best photo but this Osprey (I promise that's what it is!) was over the lake on Sunday morning, so well worth keeping an eye to the sky if you're visiting between now and the end of September!

Little Fishes

Our River Ythan Trust salmon are growing rapidly in their tank in the Visitor Centre and it won't be long until we'll be releasing them back into the Ythan.  

In the meantime you can still come and have a look at them while the visitor centre's open (between 9am and 4.30pm). If the tank light's off (we try and keep the tank relatively dark to mimic the natural conditions at the bottom of a stream bed) then just ask and we'll switch it on so you can have a proper look.

We have already had lots of visitors interested in the salmon, including a lovely visit from New Deer School who came along today to hear Alec Paterson from the Ythan Rivers Trust speak about the salmon project- and we're hoping they'll be able to arrange to have a tank in thier school next year. 

Day In The Country

One of our biggest Haddo events is coming next Sunday- the D.A.W.G.S. Day In The Country. If you've not been before, this is a wonderful, fun Dog Show with lots of classes for all sizes, shapes and ages of dog. It's also a showcase for rescued and rehomed dogs and you can find out all about how to rehome a dog from the experts on the day.There'll also be stalls, games, food and a bouncy castle to keep you busy if you're not the doggy type!

Entry and parking are free and the show starts at 12.30pm on Sunday 29th.