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Nice Weather For...

16 Jun 2016

It's been a good week for ducks, herons and Dippers at Haddo but perhaps not for much else!

The Dippers under the Cascades Bridge are blithely unconcerned by the raging water, still taking food up into the hidden nest under the bank. Young dippers usually come out of the nest after about 3-4 weeks, and will hang around the nest being fed for a while after that. Might be a good place to hang around for a while if you fancy entering a Dipper image into our Haddo Photography Competition this summer...

Another nice surprise on the wildlife front yesterday was a brood of at least 6 Goosander ducklings (Goosanderlings?) on the main lake. The red-headed Goosander are fairly common here in winter but they very, very rarely breed in the North East away from Deeside/Donside so this is a fairly surprising record for the park. It's possible the wee ducklings were born on the Ythan or further up the Kelly Burn and have moved to the relative calm of the lake.

These aren't the best photos (typically my camera was turned off and in my bag and they'd scarpered over to the far side of the lake by the time I got everything out and switched on) but the ducklings are great looking little things- all brown and white fluff and very different to the yellow-brown Mallards and Canada goslings elsewhere on the lake.

The two Swan pairs are both still incubating- one at the far end of the lake, one on the island by the Deer Park hide, but they should be hatching out soon so we'll have som cygnets to add to the list as well.

Energetica Events

Don't forget we've got two rescheduled Energetica events this Saturday- the morning Puffin walk at Bullers of Buchan starting at 10am and evening Bat Watch here at Haddo starting at 9pm.

We've still got a couple of places left on the Puffin walk so if you fancy coming along just drop us an email to haddo@visithaddo.com before 8.30am tomorrow morning. The Bat Watch is a drop in event (no need to book and no limit on numbers) so just meet at the Visitor Centre for around 9pm.

We had great views of the Puffins and around 750+ Pipistrelle bats in the courtyard last week so if you've missed out on seeing either species before then now's your chance!

We will also be hopefully doing some moth trapping on Saturday night. It's not the best weather to catch moths but you'll be able to have a look at the trap (and anything we have managed to lure in) at the Visitor Centre from midday on Sunday.