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Wildflower or weed?

21 Jul 2016

What's in a name?

There is no difference between what is called a wildflower (sounds nice) and a weed (sounds horrible), both are just non-cultivated plants that grow in their natural habitats or have escaped from gardens and taken up residence in the wild.  Sometimes people have thrown out garden plants into the wild, or the wind that has blown seeds from gardens, or it could be birds or insects that have transported the seeds elsewhere.  Whatever the reason, a wildflower is something to be celebrated, except when it becomes invasive!  Haddo has a whole variety of wildflowers that can trace their origin to native or non-native varieties.  Why not learn more about wildflowers on our Summer Wildflower Walk this Sunday? Meet at Visitor Centre at 10am.  £5 per person.

If garden flowers are more your thing then you can take a tour of the terrace gardens on Tuesday 26th at 11am or 4pm. Tours are £4 for adults (£2 for childen).

And here are some more exciting events coming up for children or the whole family:

Art in Nature Craft Day in the Wildlife Garden

Don’t forget to call in to the Wildlife Garden on Wednesday 27th July between 11-3 for an Art in Nature Craft Day with Jemima.  It’s a chance to make some arty crafty things for your garden from recycled materials.  Only £2 per child to have a go and take away your own garden creation.  There will be another opportunity to make things with Jemima on Saturday 20th August.

Go Wild in the Woods – Bushcraft Day

We have the popular bushcraft activity day on Wednesday 3 August for just £2 per child.  Drop in any time from 11-2.  You will find us in the outdoor classroom area on the corner of the Scots Mile – just follow the signs on the day.  We shall be building and lighting a campfire, learning how to safely use saws and knives and doing some knot tying and weaving.  This is activity is more suitable for older children.  Full details on our website.

‘Tree Messaging’ in the Park

Petra will be leading a Tree Messaging activity on Friday 5 August from 2-4 in the Country Park.  Suitable for all the family.  Come along to the Visitors Centre at 2pm and walk with Petra to her favourite tree in the Park for creative activities on the theme of trees.