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A Quick Catch Up

10 Nov 2016

It's been a few weeks since our last blog- not that we've been short of things to tell you about!

Partly we've been a bit too busy to sit down in front of the computer and get a blog written, partly because I've apparently forgotten how to schedule posts properly so the (obviously excellent) blog I wrote last week didn't appear...

Festive Magic

While the blog's been on its little break we've had three fantastic (and very different) weekend events. Our first Halloween Magic event was a great success and a sell out on both nights. You never quite know how a new event is going to turn out but couldn't have been more pleased with how fantastic the lights looked and how much fun everyone seemed to have. 

Most of that success was down to all our volunteers and helpers who were so creative with their characters and costumes, and willing to stand out in the freezing cold (on Friday) and pouring rain (on Sunday). 

Haddo House Horror is an established part of our events calendar now and this year seems to have been as absolutely terrifying as ever. There's loads of great photos of the night over on the Haddo House Facebook page. 

We also managed a night of more traditional scares with an evening of spooky ghost stories for Samhain (stories and musical accompaniment supplied by David from the Aberdeenshire Council Ranger Service, crispy gingerbread provided by my new Be-Ro cookbook!).

Then last week we had another succesful (if slightly soggy) Christmas Craft Fair, no pictures because I was having a rare weekend off but I'm told it went well, as it always does.

What's On Next

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we start to slightly wind down our events programme 

We do still have some events coming up though - if you want to get out and about (and away from the Christmas shopping for a while) then why not come along to our Winter Wildlife Wander on the 20th November. With the shorter days and no leaves on the trees we've got a great chance of seeing Red Squirrels, there should be lots of ducks and geese on the lake and Buzzards hunting overhead.

We'll also look at how you can tell our trees apart in winter and there may even be a few late fungi to find as well. The walk costs £5 per person and you can book by email/phone as usual.

A Temporary Goodbye

Last week we also said goodbye (kind of) to Elaine our seasonal VSO who's been an invaluable part of the team for the past five months. She's still at Haddo every week to run our Wednesday volunteer group and still helping out at some of our events but she won't be in the office quite as much!

She's been great fun and a pleasure to work with as always and we're glad she's sticking around for a bit longer!