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a remarkable place, make it yours to discover 

Haddo's Journey through Time

Date: 22nd/23rd July
Time: 10:30 - 16:00 both days
Price: Mostly free with a nominal charge for carriage rides and face painting

Please join us for a weekend of activities to celebrate the year of History, Heritage & Archaeology. 

- Pipers: local pipers from Reid Pipers will be setting the scene with beautiful song. They will be piping throughout Haddo all weekend, a perfect setting for such atmospheric music. 

- Mesolithic Calendar: did you know the world's oldest calendar was found in Aberdeenshire? Archaeologist, Dr Pete Klemen will be on hand to tell you about it.

- Iron Age Settlement: the Rhynie Wifies will be at Haddo giving demonstrations on Iron Age living.

- Vikings: the Vikings played an important role in shaping Scottish society. Carrick 800 will be at the Pheasantry giving demonstrations and making lots of noise.

- Story-tellers: the Scots are known for being great story-tellers. Join Joan Anderson and Diana Peers at the amphitheatre for tales of north east Scotland.

- Nature Detectives: there's been a murder! Help solve the case in the outdoor classroom. 

- Medieval Blacksmith: Irons in the Fire will be at Haddo to give live blacksmithing demonstrations.

- Jacobites: The Jacobite Squad are a team of reenactors who specialise in the Jacobite era. They will be doing battle with swords, guns and even letting you have a go! 

- Carriage rides: two stunning Clydesdale horses will be pulling a carriage through Haddo. For a small fee you can ride around Haddo as though from a different time.

- Victorian Picnic: don't worry if you get a little peckish. The team at Haddo House will be holding a Victorian picnic on the lawn. You will be able to buy a picnic to enjoy with your family, as Queen Victoria once did.

- Library Service: Bringing us bang up to date, the Aberdeenshire Council Library Service will be in the Peatyards. They will show you how you can access loads of free online services.