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  • Weaving Art, Poetry, Music and Memories

    14 Aug 2015

    Haddo's creative side blossoms again with events focused on environmental art, textiles and weaving, music and poety over the next month. 

  • Haddo Babies

    6 Aug 2015

    There's a very special couple of days coming up this weekend as we celebrate the 70th anniversary renuion of the the Haddo Babies.

  • Still Technically Summer...

    30 Jul 2015

    It doesn't always feel like it when you're out in the fairly constant rain but we are right in the middle of high summer here at Haddo.

  • A Focus on Gardens

    24 Jul 2015

    At Haddo you will find both wildlife gardens and formal gardens.  It's the season to visit our gardens to see the large range of flowers, plants, bees, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies in different habitats.

  • Moths & Musket Fire

    16 Jul 2015

    It's not been the driest or the sunniest week at Haddo, but that's not stopped us from having lots going on over the past seven days...

  • Here Comes The Rain

    9 Jul 2015

    It's been a wet week here at Haddo.  Sudden downpours followed by brilliant sunshine.  The rain has brought out the colours - vibrant shades of green, brilliant pinks, yellows and blues.  The birds and butterflies have been taking shelter but brief appearances have given us some pleasure!  A dark green fritillary was spotted earlier in the week between showers.

  • Feeling The Heat

    2 Jul 2015

    Like the rest of the country we've been enjoying sunshine and blue skies (and the occasional burst of lightning) at Haddo this week.

  • A Waterloo Commemoration

    25 Jun 2015

    Last week saw the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo- a defining moment in British History with a direct connection to us here at Haddo.

  • Puffins, Photography, Bats and more...

    18 Jun 2015

    It was a busy weekend for wildlife watchers at Haddo with a variety of workshops to reflect different interests. With the Energetica Festival underway our staff took the opportunity to venture to the coast and explore the wildlife.

  • Singing Sopranos...

    11 Jun 2015

    A wonderful night out on Saturday, with the stars of the show hitting even higher notes than our opera singers can manage!

  • New Arrivals at Haddo

    4 Jun 2015

    With Spring ending and Summer on its way there are many new arrivals at Haddo House and Country Park, including myself!

  • Out With The Old

    28 May 2015

    We had a very busy day of spring cleaning on Wednesday with a great group of volunteers from the Bank of Scotland.

  • Bark In The Park

    21 May 2015

    The car park field was full of waggy tails and tasty treats last Sunday as we hosted the annual DAWGS Day In The Country dog show and family fun day.

  • Spot The Ball...

    7 May 2015

    We're watching out for nesting birds at Haddo this week, and they're not always that easy to spot.

  • April Showers

    30 Apr 2015

    ...along with April snow, April hail and even a little bit of April sun!