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  • Feeling The Chill

    11 Dec 2014

    We seem to have escaped the worst of the dreaded 'weatherbomb' here at Haddo, but it's still been a pretty chilly week to be out and about.

  • Stone Cold Roses...

    4 Dec 2014

    With all due apologies to the BBC for stealing their headline!

  • Things That Go Bump, and Crash...

    27 Nov 2014

    If you happened to be at Haddo on Sunday morning, you may have had your peaceful walk a bit disturbed by an unexpected, ear-splitting crash out in the park...

  • Christmas Stars...

    20 Nov 2014

    There was a bit of early Christmas sparkle around the park last weekend at our kids Christmas bushcraft day.

  • Seasons and the Sun

    13 Nov 2014

    It might have felt almost like summer last weekend, but now we're wrapping up warm and looking forward to Christmas here at Haddo.

  • Night of Terrors...

    30 Oct 2014

    Only the bravest visitors have been allowed to enter the terrifying Haddo House this week...

  • On Their Best Behaviour

    24 Oct 2014

    It was a busy Saturday afternoon in the dog park as Jenny from Malibears K9 Trainig led the next in our series of fun, free dog training classes. 

  • Slow Down For Squirrels

    16 Oct 2014

    We're well into autumn at Haddo now, the leaves are falling off the trees, and there are lots of fearless red squirrels running everywhere collecting beechmast and nuts for their winter food caches. 

  • Art In The Park

    9 Oct 2014

    We're nearly at the end of this year's Haddo Arts Festival, but there's still plenty of music and art on show over the new couple of days!

  • Shades

    2 Oct 2014

    We're just a few hours away from the start of this year's Haddo Arts Festival, 10 days of music, art, food and comedy in and around Haddo House

  • Music, Mushrooms and Musketeers

    23 Sep 2014

    History was bought to life with a bang this weekend at our wonderful Living History Camp and military display. 

  • Trip Back In Time

    18 Sep 2014

    It's been a very historical week at Haddo as we prepare for the arrival of Erskine's Regiment and the start of our Living History weekend...

  • Arts and Antiques

    11 Sep 2014

    It's nice to be back at Haddo after a few weeks away, and great to see the park looking as good as ever in the autumn sun. 

  • Fish, Flowers and Cannon Fire!

    28 Aug 2014

    After a week patiently waiting for the water levels in the burn to drop (and for the rain to stop topping them back up again...) the major work on the fish pass, the bank and the bridges should start early next week.