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  • 'Till May Is Out

    12 May 2016

    It's been a lovely few days here at Haddo, and we've all been basking in a bit of spring sunshine...

  • One Swallow...

    28 Apr 2016

    Actually it's more like 30 Swallows (and several hundred Sand Martins) but that doesn't make it feel any more like summer.

  • Woof! Woof!

    21 Apr 2016

    Magical myths, your chance to join some amazing wildlife surveys and happy Hearing Dogs in this week's blog.

  • A Quick Dip

    14 Apr 2016

    A couple of sunny days and suddenly it feels like spring has arrived here at Haddo...

  • Misty Mornings

    8 Apr 2016

    An early start this morning on a fairly fruitful quest for Red Squirrels out in the park

  • Calm After The Storm

    31 Mar 2016

    We've survived the Easter Weekend, so time to make the most of a quiet few days before the holidays...

  • Rocketeers!

    17 Mar 2016

    It's our final event for British Science Week this Saturday, but that's not nearly all that's going on...

  • Secret Wildlife

    8 Mar 2016

    All about sneaking and hidden cameras at Haddo this week...

  • Students In The Stream

    2 Mar 2016

    Something a bit different this week, with a group of students practising their field skills in the (very cold) Kelly Burn.

  • Just Keep Swimming

    25 Feb 2016

    Some new arrivals in the visitor centre this week, and an update on Easter Sunday car parking

  • Love In The Air...

    18 Feb 2016

    It's all getting a bit romantic this week at Haddo as we say goodbye to Valentines, and hello to our annual Wedding Open Day.

  • Easter Car Parking

    11 Feb 2016

    Details of how to get hold of your car park pass for Easter Sunday at Haddo

  • A Touch of Spring...

    4 Feb 2016

    It's been fairly wet and wild at Haddo this week, but at least there are a few signs that spring is somewhere near...

  • Cool Runnings

    21 Jan 2016

    There's a busy day on the cards this Sunday at Haddo

  • Early Easter Announcement

    14 Jan 2016

    We start this week's blog with an important announcement for anyone planning to visit Haddo at Easter...